Gleason's Plants of Michigan

A Field Guide

Subjects: Michigan and the Great Lakes, Nature, Nature/Environment, Botany
Ebook : 9780472124749, 400 pages, 1 map, 43 line drawings, 5 x 8, November 2021
Paperback : 9780472032464, 400 pages, 1 map, 43 line drawings, 5 x 8, April 2007
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Updated edition of the classic botanical guide to the Great Lakes region

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Copyright © 2007, University of Michigan. All rights reserved.


“For every plant enthusiast in the Great Lakes State, and . . . in the adjoining ones as well.”
—John J. Pipoly III, SIDA

“A very handy field guide . . . this book will be of use to anyone in northeastern North America.”
—C. Barre Hellquist, Rhodora

“It can be used to identify most of the plants . . . in Michigan and adjacent areas.”
—James E. Eckenwalder, Wildflower

Gleason’s Plants of Michigan is a major revision and expansion of The Plants of Michigan by Henry A. Gleason—the 1918 classic field guide to the flowering plants and trees found in Michigan, neighboring Great Lakes States, and southern Ontario. Richard K. Rabeler has completely updated the family descriptions and added easy-to-use keys. Information on habitats and geographical distribution is now included as well as a comprehensive index of plant names, an illustrated section on terminology, a glossary, and an introduction to botany in Michigan.

Gleason’s Plants of Michigan will be useful to naturalists, environmental specialists, botanists, and everyone who loves the wildflowers and native flora of Michigan and the surrounding areas.

Richard K. Rabeler is a Collections Manager for Vascular Plants and an Assistant Research Scientist at the University of Michigan Herbarium. He is a past coeditor of the Michigan Botanist and a contributor to the accounts of the Caryophyllaceae (Pink family) in the Flora of North America, Flora of China, and Steyermark's Flora of Missouri.