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These audiofiles accompany the content in Four Point: Listening-Speaking 2, Second Edition (978-0-472-03742-1). The 12 MP3 files include content that facilitates the use of the material presented in the textbook. The running time is 1:49:06. 

This audio download product is NOT an audio reproduction of all the content in the accompanying textbook (Four Point: Listening & Speaking 2, Second Edition). 

The Four Point series is designed for English language learners whose primary goal is to succeed in an academic setting.The series covers the four academic skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking while providing reinforcement and systematic recycling of key vocabulary and further exposure to grammar issues. In order to participate in academic settings, English learners need focused activities to develop and then maintain their use of vocabulary and grammar. Each book in the series focuses heavily on vocabulary in particular, highlighting between 125-150 key vocabulary items including individual words, compound words, phrasal verbs, short phrases, idioms, metaphors, collocations, and longer set lexical phrases.