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Essays plumbing the depths of life with spinal cord injury

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Copyright © 2008, University of Michigan. All rights reserved. Posted January 2008.

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"This project fits into the larger picture of excellence that we wish to accomplish in all dimensions of our health system: groundbreaking and dedicated research, compassionate clinical care, progressive education, and a welcoming environment that includes community with people with disabilities. In Deep, the writers and editors of this book realize this mission with accuracy and clarity."
---Denise G. Tate, Director of Research at the University of Michigan Model Spinal Cord Injury Care System

People with spinal cord injuries experience life beyond their medical and rehabilitative journeys, but these stories are rarely told. Deep: Real Life with Spinal Cord Injury includes the stories of ten men and women whose lives have been transformed by spinal cord injury. Each essay challenges the stereotypes and misconceptions about SCI---with topics ranging from faith to humility to sex and manhood---offering a multitude of voices that weave together to create a better understanding of the diversity of disability and the uniqueness of those individuals whose lives are changed but not defined by their injuries. Life with SCI can be traumatic and ecstatic, uncharted and thrilling, but it always entails a journey beyond previous expectations. This volume captures this sea change, exploring the profound depths of SCI experience.

Marcy Epstein is a recent National Institute for Disability Research and Rehabilitation Research Fellow and Associate Professor of English and Developmental Education at Baker College.
Travar Pettway is a student at the University of Michigan who has been paralyzed for twelve years.