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ESL instructors without a background in conflict resolution (CR) who teach intermediate to advanced courses at colleges, universities, or in Intensive English Programs, may want to provide students with valuable negotiation and mediation skills. Author Barrie J. Roberts is an experienced ESL teacher, lawyer, mediator, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Administrator for southern California Superior Courts. In this book, she draws upon her experience using these activities in a variety of ESL settings and courses with students from all over the world to inspire other ESL teachers to add CR approaches to their activities, lessons, and courses. Following an introduction to conflict resolution, Conflict Resolution Training for the Classroom shows how much of the teaching of CR is similar to teaching ESL. It outlines ways to apply negotiation and mediation to ESL activities, how to prevent and resolve conflicts, how to use specific types of role-plays to address conflicts, and how to design successful activities. The book also includes a list of resources and sample syllabi.