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Choice and Consequence develops critical academic reading, critical thinking, and writing across several disciplines. International students, Generation 1.5ers, and native speakers alike will benefit from the material presented and practiced in this new approach to content-based instruction, although it is assumed that students have had instruction and practice with academic writing and research skills. The depth of coverage on each chapter’s topic (five authentic readings in each chapter) offers  teachers opportunities to use the material in a variety of ways to meet the needs of particular classes and student proficiencies.


In Choice and Consequence, students read, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information to develop opinions in order to write strong academic responses. It asks students to engage with the material so that they learn to question what they read, compare and contrast different perspectives on a topic, and formulate hypotheses as they continue to read and then write. The text focuses on teaching students to evaluate sources and arguments.


The companion website includes links to interactive quizzes that focus on reading comprehension, text analysis, and vocabulary building. Some practice in writing skills is also available.


Choice and Consequence has been written to empower students with the language and concrete understanding of a rather abstract, but important academic, notion: that no choice in writing is made without a resulting consequence.