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The Challenges textbook series helps students become better readers through explicit teaching of reading skills and strategies that will break counter-productive habits, such as word-for-word translation. Vocabulary is a major focus of the series as well because good readers know a lot of words.
Challenges 3 (the low-advanced to advanced level) has six units with two chapters in each. Each unit begins with an introduction to the topic—generally a one-page activity to activate students’ interest and background knowledge. To help prepare advanced students for authentic college content, each reading is introduced by a discussion of its genre, so students will encounter 12 different genres (e.g., book review, scientific essay, persuasive essay, biography, promotional writing). Each unit also features a special focus on one academic skill—for example, outlining and summarizing—to provide students with additional practice in areas that will be useful in college/university courses. Like Books 1 and 2, study tips are presented as well (e.g., using search engines and research databases, communicating with instructors/professors).
The book also includes timed/paced readings, which are important to developing reading fluency.