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This textbook addresses the parts of U.S. American culture that are hard to see and teach—the beliefs and values of the people of the United States. Because learning a language also involves learning about a culture, Bemeath the Tip of the Iceberg introduces students who are new to the United States to the deeper levels of U.S. American culture and provides a stimulating springboard for discussions regarding culture, beyond knowing about U.S. holidays or historical events. The main purpose of this textbook is to help students gain a deeper understanding of general U.S. American cultural patterns beyond what they may see portrayed on TV or in movies—in order to be more effective and appropriate in their interactions with others in their communities.

In addition to helping students hone their intercultural competence, the textbook offers practice activities to improve reading, vocabulary, writing, and speaking skills in English. It also includes activities that will encourage interactions outside of the classroom. Each unit includes stories from people from all geographic regions of the United States, representing people from both urban and rural areas and a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds.