Table of contents

1: Twenty Years of Teaching Lexical Phrases in Academic SpeakingRevisiting Lexical Phrases in Our Institutional Context2: Concepts & Insights for Lexical Phrases in Teaching Academic SpeakingCourse Design3: Re-Thinking Longer Turns in Academic SpeakingGoing Beyond the Boundaries of Lexical Phrases
Useful Language for Overviews
Student Choice, Critical Thinking, and Adaptive Lexical Phrase Use
Lesson Particulars
Course Artifacts
Future Thinking
Campus Realities
Materials Light Approach
Using Technologies for Oral CompositionAppendixAcademic Speaking Syllabus Topics SamplePre- & Post-Needs AnalysisReferences


Academic Speaking and the Boundaries of Routinized Lexical Phrases explains the concepts and practices of the Academic Speaking course and how recent research and classroom practices have shaped current iterations of this English for Academic Purposes course. Authors Susan M. Barone and Summer Dickinson provide English language instructors with relevant approaches and strategies for teaching conventional, formulaic lexical phrases in academic settings. They address questions related to how students acquire and emulate formulaic language as they move toward constructing longer turns of speech. The book also offers readers a cross section of what may take place in the language learning classroom within a university setting to help address the challenge of creating authentic, realistic, and discipline-specific environments to simulate academic settings.

Susan M. Barone is Director of the English Language Center, Senior Lecturer of Applied Linguistics at Vanderbilt University, and co-author of American Legal English.
Summer Dickinson is ESL team lead for Smyrna Primary School and author of various publications related to language learning.