Engages students through activities in their community while teaching about American culture

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For some students, the best way to learn everyday English and aspects of American life is to be outside the classroom in situations that facilitate that knowledge. A to Zany puts students in situations that allow them to observe and participate in settings and with tasks that will help them improve their English skills as well as their understanding of life in America.
Each unit begins with a preactivity exercise designed to stimulate discussion, activate background knowledge, and prepare students for the activity itself. Activities take about one hour, and most can be done individually, in pairs, or in small groups. Post-activity exercises stimulate thought and discussion among students as to what they observed of the American culture.
Because students learn best when they enjoy something and are doing something, activities are stimulating: Activity A focuses on art, while Activity B focuses on ball games; Activity G explores garage sales; Activity M features movies; and Activity V is about volunteers and volunteering.