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A Digest of the Krasnyi Arkhiv—Red Archives—Volumes 31–106 furnishes a description, in English, of the archival documents (official and private) published from 1928 through 1941 by the Central Archive Department of the USSR in the Russian journal Krasnyi Arkhiv. This historical journal, whose contents illuminate the social, scientific, political, economic, and cultural development of Russia from the seventeenth century to the present time, exists, in whole or in part, in only seventeen libraries in the United States. The Digest will, therefore, serve not only as a guide to the journal, which is its prime purpose, but will in itself be a source of information to students of Russian history and Russian culture, to government workers, and to librarians.

The present book contains a full index to Volumes 31–106 and supplies in the Appendix a list of the articles described in the Digest for Volumes 1–30, which was published by the Cleveland Public Library in 1947.