Andrew M. Kamarck

Andrew M. Kamarck is the retired Director of the Economic Development Institute at the World Bank and the founding Director of the Bank's economics complex. Prior to World War II he worked in the International Section of the Federal Reserve Board and with the Secretary of the Treasury. During the war Kamarck was posted to the Allied Control Commission for Italy, where he supervised the Banca d'Italia, until he was assigned as Chief of the U.S. Financial Intelligence in Germany in 1944.

Back at the Treasury in 1946, Kamarck chaired the Staff Committee for the cabinet-level National Advisory Council for International Monetary and Financial Problems, which set the financial, fiscal, foreign exchange, and monetary policy guidelines for the Marshall Plan. Over the next twenty years he held the positions of U.S. Treasury Representative in Italy; World Bank Economic Adviser on Europe, Australasia, and Africa; Regents Professor at UCLA; and Research Associate at the Harvard Center of International Affairs; then returning to the World Bank as Director of the Economic Development Institute. Over his long and varied career, he has authored or co-authored many books on a wide range of economic subjects.

Books By Andrew M. Kamarck