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Understanding Cultural Narratives focuses on the narrative as a tool for uncovering the individual stories of second language students. Narrative that reveals aspects of a student's experience in both a first and second culture can also reveal attitudes and expectations toward second language acquisition; this knowledge provides an invaluable bridge between student and educator and provides the educator with a context in which to develop an effective learning plan.

Understanding Cultural Narratives features poems and excerpts from the work of well-known authors--including Isabel Allende, Gloria AnzaldĂșa, Jhumpa Lahiri, V.S. Naipul, Pablo Neruda, and Zadie Smith--to explore questions and feelings that are part of identity formation in a second culture. Questions for Writing and Discussion guide teachers and students through a rich examination of the passages presented.

This is an excellent resource for educators and teachers in training interested in better understanding their students by first understanding their unique stories.