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Thriving as a Graduate Writer offers a comprehensive guide to the multifaceted challenges of writing in graduate school. It shows readers how to think about academic writing, how to manage an academic text, and how to establish an effective writing practice. Graduate students from all disciplines will find concrete strategies and motivation for the enterprise of academic writing. Intended for both multilingual writers and those for whom English is a first language, Thriving as a Graduate Writer offers essential writing support in quick, easily digestible chunks.

Readers of Thriving as a Graduate Writer will:

- Learn how to establish an effective writing practice
- ​Discover how to position themselves as competent and engaged writers
- Learn how to structure their writing, craft effective sentences, and create movement with a text
- Develop processes for draft revisions
- Create individual writing strategies that will last throughout their careers

Rachael Cayley is an Associate Professor, Teaching Stream in the Graduate Centre for Academic Communication at the University of Toronto. She also writes Explorations of Style, a blog on academic writing for graduate students.

“Rachael Cayley has distilled her expertise as an editor, professor, and blogger to share much needed insights about the realities and pleasures of writing in academe. With respect, compassion, and charm, she re-centers graduate student writing to be at the heart of the academic research enterprise. Despairing graduate writers will benefit from Cayley’s shrewd academic writing advice—not too much, not too little, but just right.”
—Kristina Quynn, Founding Director CSU Writes, Assistant Dean Graduate School, Colorado State University-Fort Collins

- Kristina Quynn

Thriving as a Graduate Writer offers the exact advice I often share with graduate students in writing centre appointments. Reading it is as close to the experience of working with a writing coach one to one as a book can get. It is essential reading for graduate students, early career researchers and advisors.”
—Nadine Fladd, University of Waterloo

- Nadine Fladd

“Cayley draws from her years of experience and her insights permeate every page, from the accessible tone to the guidance that avoids prescriptive rules in favor of developing rhetorical understanding. This is the book I have been waiting to recommend to graduate students.”
—Linda C. Macri, University of Maryland

- Linda C. Macri

"[U]nreservedly recommended for personal, professional, community, college, and university library collections and supplemental Writer's Workshop curriculum studies lists. . ."
Midwest Book Review

- Midwest Book Review

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