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Map     xi
Introduction     1
Editor's Note     18

Masters and Men
Out of the Trough, Ralph Emberg     23
Helmsmen on Lake Erie, Anonymous     38
A Gold-Headed Cane, Walter Havighurst     44
The Bosun's Chair, George Vukelich     61

St. Elmo's Fire
A Lake Huron Ghost Story, Anonymous     85
From Scenes on Lake Huron, A North American     93
Nanabushu Swallowed by the Sturgeon, Ojibwa Myth Collected by William Jones     112
Now Great-Lynx, Ojibwa Story Collected by William Jones     119
The Snow Wassett, Anonymous: Collected by Ivan H. Walton     122
An Anchor in a Graveyard, C.H.J. Snider     125

The Origin of the White Fish, Ojibwa Myth Collected by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft     141
The Fish Pirates, James Oliver Curwood     146
The Sturgeon, George Vukelich     172

Lighthouses and Lockkeepers
Ballast Island, Constance Fenimore Woolson     199
The Fall of the Lighthouse, Frances Ward Hurlbut     229
Geraniums, Dean Eltham     233

White SquallGetting Bounty from the English, Menomini Story Collected by Leonard Bloomfield     251
The Deep Water Mate, Norman Reilly Raine     255
The Survival of the Fittest, Morgan Robertson     274
From November Storm, Jay McCormick     295


Bibliography     335
Biographical Notes     337