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Second Language Reading Research and Instruction provides a window into the diversity of conceptions on L2 reading and instruction. Although some differences exist, researchers agree that comprehension should be the primary goal of reading instruction.


This volume "crosses the boundaries" to explore the complex issue of L2 reading research and instruction by bringing together the approaches of whole language, skills/strategies, and acquisition. Because the differences to these approaches are often contradictory, a coherent understanding of L2 reading does not exist and no one instructional approach is considered efficient. This fact has negative implications in the United States as more English language learners are placed in mainstream K-12 classes and in other countries where teaching is more content-driven. As a result, it’s important to know the extent to which reading can be facilitated to allow L2 learners to achieve multiple goals and how second language research supports this.


Contributors to this volume are seasoned researchers who have examined reading from one of these angles and who, collectively, will tackle questions like: Should L2 reading instruction be comprehension-oriented or language-oriented? What types of knowledge and skills are necessary for improving reading comprehension? What elements of language can be learned through reading? Is it possible to integrate grammar training into comprehension training? If so, how may it be achieved in the classroom? As a secondary goal, this volume seeks to bridge the oft-noted gap between research and practice.


This book is intended for L2 reading researchers, teachers, curriculum developers,

materials writers, and graduate students of second language education interested in L2 reading.