Architectural Theory and Practice: Vitruvian Principles
and "Full-scale Detail" Architectural Drawings
Ingrid Edlund-Berry, University of Texas at Austin


From Vitruvian Scholarship to Vitruvian Practice
Ingrid D. Rowland, University of Notre Dame
Vitruvian Critical Eclecticism and Roman Innovation
Thomas N. Howe, Southwestern University
Vitruvius and the Origins of Roman Spatial Rhetoric
Gretchen E. Meyers, Rollins College

Other Articles
The Rhetoric of Romanitas: The "Tomb of the Statilii" Frescoes Reconsidered
Peter J. Holliday, California State University at Long Beach
Theodelinda's Rome: Ampullae, Pittacia, and the Image of the City
Dennis Trout, University of Missouri at Columbia
Bramante's Tempietto and the Spanish Crown
Jack Freiberg, Florida State University
Rome, 1592: An Introduction to a Newly Discovered Parish Census
Thomas James Dandelet, University of California at Berkeley
The Battle of Zama after Giulio Romano: A Tapestry
in the American Academy in Rome, Part I
Elfriede R. Knauer, Haverford, Pennsylvania

Reports from the American Academy in Rome
Research in the School of Classical Studies
at the American Academy in Rome (2004–2005)