Nuragic Tower Models and Ancestral Memory
R. Ross Holloway
Rhythm in Catullus 34
George Sheets
Literacy and Luxury in the Early Empire: A Papyrus-Roll Winder from Pompeii
Susan Wood
Portraits, Plots, and Politics: Damnatio memoriae and the Images of Imperial Women
Eric Varner
Zenodorus's "Colossus of Nero"
Fred C. Albertson
"A Good Woman": Gender Roles and Female Religious Identity in Late Medieval Bergamo Roisin Cossar
A Little-known Manuscript, an Unpublished Letter to Aldo Manuzio il Giovane, and a Long-forgotten Humanist Antiquarian: Antonio Casario
Michael Koortbojian
"Th' United Sense of th' Universe": Athanasius Kircher in Piazza Navona
Ingrid Rowland
Ideology and Interpretation in Rome's Parrhasian Grove: The Arcadian Garden and Taste
Vernon Hyde Minor
"Seamlessness Is Next to Godliness": The Theme of the Monolithic Block in Giuseppe Terragni's Tombs and Monuments
Thomas L. Schumacher
Stanford University Excavations on the Acropolis of Monte Polizzo, Sicily, I: Preliminary Report on the 2000 Season
Ian Morris, Trinity Jackman, Emma Blake, and Sebastiano Tusa
Anthony Corbeill is Associate Professor of Classics, University of Kansas

Anthony Corbeill is Associate Professor of Classics, University of Kansas.