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  Chapter I     Michigan: The Name          1 II     Tribal Names          6 III     Ojibwa Personal Names          27 IV     Ottawa Personal Names          41 V     Potawatomi Personal Names          51 VI     Other Personal Names          63 VII     Names from Literature and Legend          67 VIII     Artificial "Indian" Names          81 IX     Rank, Gender, and Ethnic Names          87 X     Material Culture Names          91 XI     The Spirit World          100 XII     Names from Fauna          104 XIII     Names from Flora          114 XIV     Rivers, Streams, and Lakes          122 XV     Topography and Geology          134 XVI     Descriptive Names          145 XVII     Commemorative Names          152 XVIII     Names Borrowed from Other States          155 XIX     Indian Names from Outside the United States          170 XX     French-Indian Names          176 XXI     Potpourri          183 XXII     Michigan Indians Today          188 Bibliography          193 Index          213 Illustrations          following page 126


Vogel traces the origin of hundreds of Indian place names

Virgil J. Vogel received his doctorate degree in history from the University of Chicago. For over twenty-five years he studied and wrote about Native American history. In addition to three books, he wrote over seventy articles on Indian history, culture, and medicine.