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This volume uniquely explores critical and corpus-based perspectives on intercultural rhetoric. Many chapters examine what is meant by “culture” and how that affects research and pedagogy, particularly with regard to new forms of literacy. The contents of this book are well situated within a tradition of inquiry that has developed since Kaplan’s famous 1966 article while at the same time exploring new areas of interest with new kinds of research tools like corpus linguistics, which has greatly impacted how intercultural rhetoric is researched.


The volume has four parts: Corpus and Critical Perspectives, which features chapters by Ulla Connor and Will Baker; Critical-Analytical Approaches, which features chapters by Xiaoye You, Ramon Escamilla, and Guillaume Gentil; Corpus-Based Approaches, which features chapters by Eric Friginal, Amanda Lanier Temples and Gayle Nelson, and Viviana Cortes and Jack A. Hardy;  and Next Steps, which features a chapter by Suresh Canagarajah and the sequel to the conversation between Dwight Atkinson and Paul Kei Matsuda that was begun in 2008.


In his Afterword, Joel Bloch has called this volume “a testament to the endurance of intercultural rhetoric.”