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A revised and updated guide to reptiles and amphibians in the Great Lakes region

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The revised edition of this well-loved guide is the essential reference for the identification of amphibians and reptiles in the Great Lakes region. Fully updated treatments of over 70 species feature detailed information on the distribution, habitat, behavior, and life history of these fascinating animals. This edition includes all new distribution maps as well as 90 additional color photographs showing close-ups of distinguishing features, common color phases, and different metamorphic stages. A thorough introduction provides a wealth of information on the evolution, natural history, classification, and conservation of these animals and examines changing Great Lakes ecosystems and their impact on herpetological diversity. Amphibians and Reptiles of the Great Lakes Region is a must-have resource for teachers, students, naturalists, professional biologists, and anyone else with an interest in this region’s ecology.

James H. Harding is among the most respected herpetologists in the Great Lakes area. He has taught in the Department of Zoology at Michigan State University and at the Cranbrook Institute of Science.
David A. Mifsud is a certified professional wetland scientist and ecologist, and he sits on the State of Michigan Amphibian and Reptile Technical Advisory board. He is the director of Herpetological Resource and Management LLC.

“Hours of interesting reading . . . Highly recommended.”
Reptile Hobbyist

“This is one of the few books that I must (and will) have three copies of—one for home, one for the office, and one in the car, just so I'll never be without it. It is that well written, that reader friendly, and that valuable a resource.”
—Martin J. Rosenberg, Case Western Reserve University, NOAH