The Dude for President by Michael Lewis-Beck

By: University of Michigan Press | Date: September 11, 2008
The Dude for President by Michael Lewis-Beck

What does The American Voter Revisited suggest about winning presidential candidate qualities this November? Many realistic and worthwhile things, to be sureā€”if you want to know how and why the modern American voter votes the way he or she does, and what to look for in each of the candidates, this is the book for you, my friend. But one of the authors also takes a personal stance, a principled stance, and suggests that sometimes there's a man, and he's the man, the right man, for his time and place. That author is me, Mike Lewis-Beck, and I propose The Dude for president, as if anyone else has a better suggestion.

Look at his leadership qualifications for crying out loud:

  • Team player (finalist in the next bowling round robin)
  • Anti-war activist (occupied several administration buildings protesting the ROTC, member of the Seattle Seven)
  • Against pornography (speaks out against Jacky Treehorn and the smut business)
  • Likeable (gets along well with everyone except Larry Sellers, the little brat)
  • Pro-free speech (except when anyone disrupts the family restaurant over missing toes)
  • Feminist
  • Strong on the economy (encourages the unemployed to interview in their bathrobes)
  • Environmentalist (uses lots of pots)
  • Against trashy music (he hates the Eagles)
  • Tough on crime (waging an endless war against kidnapping for ransom)

Besides, he has a vision for tying the world together! As Walter, his own "Carl Rove" says, "if you will it, it is no dream." There are lots of ins and outs. He is no simple knee-jerk reactionary, blabbing on about "change" or "agents of change" or any of that. He reaches out, to the Big Lebowski, close friend of Nancy Reagan and Chuck Heston, and to the urban achievers, and proud he is of all of them. Moreover, the Dude draws a line in the sand against nihilism, and that's all anyone can ask for and expect from a truly viable candidate, according to everything we discovered in The American Voter Revisited. So pick up a copy today and vote like you know you mean what you understand yourself to mean; I promise, you'll still have about $960-$970,000 left for a new Corvette, depending on the options.

One last thing you got to know about The Dude---The Dude abides.

Vote Dude for President - He'll Really Tie the National Together

Michael S. Lewis-Beck