Mary Jaeger, Featured Author on Duck Store

By: University of Michigan Press | Date: September 16, 2008
Mary Jaeger, Featured Author on Duck Store

Mary Jaeger, author of Archimedes and the Roman Imagination is currently the featured author on the University of Oregon's book store website, The Duck Store. Check it out.

About Archimedes and the Roman Imagination:

The great mathematician Archimedes, a Sicilian Greek whose machines defended Syracuse against the Romans during the Second Punic War, was killed by a Roman after the city fell, yet it is largely Roman sources, and Greek texts aimed at Roman audiences, that preserve the stories about him. Archimedes' story, Mary Jaeger argues, thus becomes a locus where writers explore the intersection of Greek and Roman culture, and as such it plays an important role in Roman self-definition. Jaeger uses the biography of Archimedes as a hermeneutic tool, providing insight into the construction of the traditional historical narrative about the Roman conquest of the Greek world and the Greek cultural invasion of Rome.

Read more about the book at: /isbn/9780472035717.