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Hip Hop Activist and Educational Organizations and Programs

H2Ed Center/ Hip-Hop Association metrocenter/hiphopeducation/
H2Ed [Hip-Hop Education] is an education initiative that advocates for education alteration and supports educators using Hip-Hop culture to reach youth by combining a creative mix of standard educational formats and Hip-Hop pedagogy.

Words, Beats and Life
Words Beats and Life's goal is to use Hip Hop as a vehicle for individual and community transformation through Hip Hop conferences, teach-ins and their Urban Arts Academy program.

Temple Of Hip-Hop
Founded by KRS-One, "the Temple Of Hiphop is an international ministry, archive, school and society (M.A.S.S.) movement that...promotes and preserves Hiphop's accumulated historical/cultural/spiritual wisdom for the purpose of empowering the Hiphoppa and guiding the Hiphop nation."

Zulu Nation
The Universal Zulu Nation is an international hip hop awareness group formed and headed by Hip Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa.

Hip-Hop Education and Literacy Program
"H.E.L.P., or the Hip Hop Educational Literacy Program, offers cutting edge supplemental reading workbooks developed around the lyrics of popular Hip Hop songs in order to provide culturally responsive teaching materials that motivate students to read and improve literacy skills."

The Hip-Hop Archive at Harvard University
"The Hiphop Archive organizes and develops collections, initiates and participates in research activities, sponsors events and acquires material culture associated with Hiphop in the U.S. and throughout the world."

International Association for Hip-Hop Education
The International Association for Hip-Hop Education "initiates programs which nurture and promote the understanding and appreciation of Hip Hop and its heritage by providing resources to educators regarding curricula, aesthetics and performance... and organizing clinics, festivals and symposia at national and international levels."

Hip-Hop Congress
"The Hip Hop Congress provides the Hip Hop Generation and the Post Hip Hop Generation with the tools, resources and opportunities to make social, economic and political change on a local, regional and national level."

Hip Hop Theatre and Spoken Word

First Wave UW Madison
"The First Wave Spoken Word and Hip Hop Arts Learning Community is a cutting-edge multicultural artistic program for incoming students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison"

The Living Word Project
"The Living Word Project (LWP) is the resident theater company of Youth Speaks, committed to producing literary performance... [that is] aesthetically urban, pedagogically Freirean, and derives personal performed narratives out of interdisciplinary collaboration."

Califest califest-hip-hop-theatre-festival/
"Califest Hip-Hop Theatre Festival is a celebration of hip-hop culture through the convergence of elements of hip-hop culture and theatre creating uniquely vibrant dynamic and innovative voice in both theatre and the hip-hop communities."

Hip Hip Theater Festival
Hip Hop Theater Festival (HHTF) is a showcase for performing art works. "The ongoing goal of HHTF is to elevate Hip-Hop theater into a widely recognized genre by empowering artists to develop new works and build coalitions with artists and institutions around the world."

Urban Word NYC
"Urban Word NYC presents literary arts education and youth development programs in the areas of creative writing, journalism, college prep, literature and hip-hop."

Youth Speaks
Youth Speaks uses a critical, youth-centered pedagogical approach to offering programs in the areas of poetry, spoken word, youth development and civic engagement, with a commitment to young people's self-empowerment and their intellectual and artistic development.

Def Poetry Jam and Def Poetry Jam on Broadway
DPJ is a television series on HBO produced by Russell Simmons that features performances by well-known spoken word artists, slam champions and up-and-coming poets. Def Poetry Jam on Broadway, produced by Russell Simmons and Stan Lathan, was a live theater show featuring nine spoken word artists and a DJ.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival
The Oregan Shakespeare Festival's Nexthetics program explores the intersection of Hip Hop and classical theatre by bringing together expert practitioners with company members and community based performers through lectures, workshops, intensives, performances, and spoken word events.

Universes is a National / International ensemble Company of multi-disciplined writers and performers who fuse Poetry, Theater, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Politics, Down Home Blues and Spanish Boleros to create moving, challenging and entertaining theatrical works.

Hip Hop Theatre Initiative
HHTI was founded by Daniel Banks with his students in the Department of Undergraduate Drama at Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, to: 1) integrate the rigors of theatre training and making with the performance elements and politics of the youth-driven, grassroots, activist culture of Hip Hop; and 2) train participants to lead arts-based workshops and to facilitate dialogue about the social issues pertaining to Hip Hop.

The Hip Hop Re:Education Project
The Hip Hop Re:Education Project is a community-based arts organization that uses Hip Hop culture to inspire and transform communities, engage marginalized and disaffected youth, and improve youth motivation and achievement.

Progressive Hip-Hop Arts Programs and Movements

The Hip-Hop Project
The Hip Hop Project is an award winning arts-based education organization that engages and empowers the voice of young people through innovative programming, multimedia activism, mentorship and community service projects.

Nomadic Wax
"Nomadic Wax is a fair-trade international record label, as well as a film, music, and educational events production company, specializing in hip hop and underground music from around the globe."

The Manifesto (Canada)
"Manifesto Community Projects is working to unite, energize, support and celebrate Toronto's vibrant and diverse music and arts community and find innovative ways of working together towards common goals." They are the producers of Canada's largest annual Hip-Hop festival.

International Hip Hop Theater

Jonzi D
Jonzi D is an emcee, poet, and dancer that has been actively involved in British Hip Hop culture since the early eighties. Two of his biggest projects include Breakin' Convention, a dance theater festival, and Open Art Surgery, a showcase of new Hip Hop theater work.

Breakin' Convention Festival (UK)
An international festival of Hip Hop dance theater in the UK.

Recontres de la Villette (France)
Recontres de la Villette is a two week Hip Hop festival in France featuring international Hip Hop dance, theater, concerts, DJ performances, and dialogue.

Kompany Malakhi/Kwesi Johnson (UK)
Kompany Malakhi is a physical theater company based in the UK under artistic direction of Kwesi Johnson. They create movement-based work that combines contemporary and Hip Hop dances, physical theatre, and extreme sport along with other mediums such as spoken word, text and film.

Breaking Cycles, Benji Reid (UK)
Breaking Cycles is a theater company "committed to the development of Physical Theatre, combining music, movement and the language of body popping with the theatricality of text and movement theatre."