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Michigan Studies in International Political Economy (Series)

This series is closed to submissions.

It is widely recognized by social scientists that the relationship between economic and political factors are fundamental influences on international relations. Much of the existing research in the field of international political economy takes up issues including trade and monetary policy, economic sanctions, political conflict, North-South relations, foreign direct investment, and preferential trading arrangements and regional blocs.Michigan Studies in International Political Economy is a series of books that focuses on these and other issues in international political economy.

A growing portion of the work in international political economy employs quantitative and formal methodologies. This series focuses on formal or quantitative work in international political economy. It builds on the University of Michigan's excellent formal and quantitative work both in political science and international economics. We seek manuscripts that integrate international politics and international economics. We are particularly interested in manuscripts that apply quantitative or formal methodologies to topics of interest to both political scientists and economists.

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Empowering Exporters

Reciprocity, Delegation, and Collective Action in American Trade Policy

Explores the politics of free trade policies in the United States.