Ann Arbor Paperbacks (Series)

Beginning in 1954, the University of Michigan Press under the direction of legendary publisher Fred Wieck began its long commitment to keeping a select group of worthy titles in print for use by students and scholars. As a result, the Ann Arbor Paperbacks series became home to some of the most influential and hotly-debated writings in Western intellectual history, in addition to titles of exceptional importance to teaching and research in certain newly emerging fields of scholarly inquiry. While the series is not currently active, University of Michigan Press remains keenly interested in hearing from faculty members about titles which, though currently out of print, remain of central importance to teaching and learning in the various disciplines. Our hope is to continue to provide students and teachers with inexpensive editions of foundational texts for use both in and out of the college and university classroom.

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9226 Kercheval

The Storefront that Did Not Burn, With a New Preface

The story of the Mom and Tots Center, a storefront health center in Detroit

The Indians of the Western Great Lakes, 1615-1760

The stories of the Huron, Miami, Ottawa, Potawatomi, and Chippewa tribes in the years before contact with European settlers

The Jews of Georgian England, 1714-1830

Tradition and Change in a Liberal Society

A landmark study of the rise of Anglo-Jewish society in eighteenth century England

La Partera

Story of a Midwife

New Edition

The story of one woman's life in rural New Mexico and of her emergence as a community leader

The Moral Economy

A new society is being born out of technological and social change. How will it work? Will it solve our problems?

The Rope of God

An ethnography of Aceh, Indonesia, by a master anthropologist

Early Greek Lyric Poetry

New approach to translating the Greek lyric poets

Documents on the Rape of Nanking

Newly revised resources for understanding the Rape of Nanking

Crashing Thunder

The Autobiography of an American Indian

A brotherly companion to Nancy Lurie's Mountain Wolf Woman

The Rise and Fall of an Urban School System

Detroit, 1907-81, Second Edition

The updated edition of the difficulties faced by the Detroit public schools and the historical reasons that led to the present situation

When the Rainbow Goddess Wept

A novel of epic proportions that chronicles recent Philippine history and culture

Poems from the Greek Anthology

Expanded Edition

Classic Greek poetry with a touch of the Beat

Season of Adventure

Caribbean novelist George Lamming's classic novel of magic, politics, and cultural identity

The Bamboo Grove

An Introduction to Sijo

A collection of short, introspective poems known as sijo--a form unique to Korea. They are skillfully translated by Korean scholar, Richard Rutt

Almost a Revolution

The Story of a Chinese Student's Journey from Boyhood to Leadership in Tiananmen Square

An eyewitness account of Tiananmen Spring, available once again to commemorate the ten year anniversary of these historic events of China's recent past

Multiparty Government

The Politics of Coalition in Europe

The seminal text for understanding European coalition politics

You Alone Are Dancing

This prize-winning novel looks beyond Caribbean beaches and into the heart of a people and their struggle

Out of Time

History and Evolution in Anthropological Discourse

Second Edition

A lucid theoretical reflection on the intersection of anthropology and history

The Emigrants

A compelling and intricate novel of emigration and the effects of colonialism on a people