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Ann Arbor Paperbacks (Series)

Beginning in 1954, the University of Michigan Press under the direction of legendary publisher Fred Wieck began its long commitment to keeping a select group of worthy titles in print for use by students and scholars. As a result, the Ann Arbor Paperbacks series became home to some of the most influential and hotly-debated writings in Western intellectual history, in addition to titles of exceptional importance to teaching and research in certain newly emerging fields of scholarly inquiry. While the series is not currently active, University of Michigan Press remains keenly interested in hearing from faculty members about titles which, though currently out of print, remain of central importance to teaching and learning in the various disciplines. Our hope is to continue to provide students and teachers with inexpensive editions of foundational texts for use both in and out of the college and university classroom.

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The Birth of the Gods

The Origin of Primitive Beliefs

The March Up Country

A Translation of Xenophon's Anabasis

The famous chronicle of the wealthy Athenian leader Xenophon, brought to life for the modern reader

Voices of the Industrial Revolution

Selected Readings from the Liberal Economists and Their Critics

The Russian Revolution and Leninism or Marxism?

A controversial Marxist, Luxemburg here opposes the Bolsheviks' quest for power


A work of transcendent importance, both for the history of literary criticism and in its own right

Secret History

A scathing indictment of the emperor Justinian and his 6th-century Byzantine court by the greatest historian of the period

Negro Thought in America, 1880-1915

Racial Ideologies in the Age of Booker T. Washington

1st Edition

Mountain Wolf Woman, Sister of Crashing Thunder

The Autobiography of a Winnebago Indian

A classic ethnography of continuing importance