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Ann Arbor Paperbacks (Series)

Beginning in 1954, the University of Michigan Press under the direction of legendary publisher Fred Wieck began its long commitment to keeping a select group of worthy titles in print for use by students and scholars. As a result, the Ann Arbor Paperbacks series became home to some of the most influential and hotly-debated writings in Western intellectual history, in addition to titles of exceptional importance to teaching and research in certain newly emerging fields of scholarly inquiry. While the series is not currently active, University of Michigan Press remains keenly interested in hearing from faculty members about titles which, though currently out of print, remain of central importance to teaching and learning in the various disciplines. Our hope is to continue to provide students and teachers with inexpensive editions of foundational texts for use both in and out of the college and university classroom.

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The Pleasures of Exile

An examination of the effects of colonialism on those who are held in check

Vision and Violence

Just in time for the millennium—apocalyptic thinking, from ancient Greece to modern political philosophers

In the Castle of My Skin

An autobiographical novel of race and class by one of the leading Black writers of the 20th century

Period Piece

Memories of a turn-of-the-century childhood by the granddaughter of Charles Darwin

Prospero and Caliban

The Psychology of Colonization

A classic in psychological ethnography and the history of colonialism

A People Numerous and Armed

Reflections on the Military Struggle for American Independence

Revised Edition

Bolshevik Visions

First Phase of the Cultural Revolution in Soviet Russia, Part 1

Second Edition

The Wandering Scholars

A study of the Goliards, itinerant Latin lyricists of the 12th and 13th centuries

Early Medieval Italy

Central Power and Local Society 400-1000

Discusses the social and economic development of Italy

The Gateway to the Middle Ages


Portrays monasticism as it developed under Columban, Benedict, and Gregory the Great

Carolingian Chronicles

Royal Frankish Annals and Nithard's Histories

Buddhist Thought in India

Three Phases of Buddhist Philosophy

Discusses Indian Buddhist philosophy in three phases of its development

The Calculus of Consent

Logical Foundations of Constitutional Democracy

Joan of Arc

Recreates Joan's mission, betrayal, and death

Baroque Times in Old Mexico

Seventeenth-Century Persons, Places, and Practices

Illuminates life in the feudal society of colonial Mexico

Aspects of Islamic Civilization

As Depicted in the Original Texts

An anthology of selections from Arabic and Persian writers