African Perspectives (Series)

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Protest Arts, Gender, and Social Change

Fiction, Popular Songs, and the Media in Hausa Society across Borders

The role of literature and popular songs in the cultural politics of Hausa society

The Imaginative Vision of Abdilatif Abdalla’s Voice of Agony

Poems Translated by Ken Walibora Waliaula

First English literary translation of Abdilatif Abadalla’s influential Voice of Agony

Congo Style

From Belgian Art Nouveau to African Independence

Examines the impact of colonial Belgium’s influence on the Congo’s visual culture

Lagos Never Spoils

Nollywood and Nigerian City Life

Examines the relationship between Nollywood and the city of Lagos

Continuous Pasts

Frictions of Memory in Postcolonial Africa

Investigates the ways in which postcolonial African fiction deals with or, in some cases, becomes the source of memory friction

Writing on the Soil

Land and Landscape in Literature from Eastern and Southern Africa

How representations of land and landscape perform important metaphorical labor in African literatures

In Search of Tunga

Prosperity, Almighty God, and Lives in Motion in a Malian Provincial Town

The lives of young male Muslim “adventurers” in a Malian town

Power / Knowledge / Land

Contested Ontologies of Land and Its Governance in Africa

Explores contested truths surrounding land governance in Africa and beyond

The Infrastructures of Security

Technologies of Risk Management in Johannesburg

The shift from dependence upon human decision-making in security services to Artificial Intelligence

African Performance Arts and Political Acts

Explores how performance arts, whether staged or in daily life, regularly interface with political action across the African continent

There Used to Be Order

Life on the Copperbelt after the Privatisation of the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines

Privatization and social change in the Copperbelt region of Zambia

There Used to Be Order

Life on the Copperbelt after the Privatisation of the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines

Privatization and social change in the Copperbelt region of Zambia

Animated by Uncertainty

Rugby and the Performance of History in South Africa

Examines the political significance of rugby in South Africa’s post-apartheid present

Elites and the Politics of Accountability in Africa

Studying elites through the framework of accountability

Aso Ebi

Dress, Fashion, Visual Culture, and Urban Cosmopolitanism in West Africa

The visual culture of aso ebi fashion in Nigerian and West African society

Filtering Histories

The Photographic Bureaucracy in Mozambique, 1960 to Recent Times

Highlights the role of photography and other forms of aesthetic practice in processes of state formation and bureaucratic transition

The Black and White Rainbow

Reconciliation, Opposition, and Nation-Building in Democratic South Africa

A multifaceted study of identity in South Africa exploring themes of nationalism, democracy, and nation building

Textile Ascendancies

Aesthetics, Production, and Trade in Northern Nigeria

The authors examine handwoven and manufactured textiles, aesthetic preferences as well as textile production, and trade in northern Nigeria

The Postcolonial Animal

African Literature and Posthuman Ethics

Argues for an innovative and overdue posthuman reading of African postcolonial literature

Developing States, Shaping Citizenship

Service Delivery and Political Participation in Zambia

In fledgling democracies marked by patronage, ethnic politics, and elite capture, what motivates citizens to participate in politics?


Selected Writings

The first English translations of key essays, stories, and poems by Nimrod, a major figure in contemporary African letters

Black Cultural Life in South Africa

Reception, Apartheid, and Ethics

Explores the shaping of black ethical consciousness by popular culture in apartheid-era South Africa

The Rise of the African Novel

Politics of Language, Identity, and Ownership

Engaging questions of language, identity, and reception to restore South African and diaspora writing to the African literary tradition

Seven Plays of Koffi Kwahulé

In and Out of Africa

The first English translations of the surreal and violent work of one of Francophone Africa’s most accomplished living playwrights