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How Informal Institutions Matter

Evidence from Turkish Social and Political Spheres

with a foreword by B. Guy Peters

Informal institutions are core to political life

The Medieval Constitution of Liberty

Political Foundations of Liberalism in the West

Locating the roots of western liberal democracy in the late medieval period rather than the Age of Enlightenment

Lobbying the Autocrat

The Dynamics of Policy Advocacy in Nondemocracies

The surprising symbiosis between dictators and citizen lobbyists complicates our understanding of autocratic regimes

Technical Territories

Data, Subjects, and Spaces in Infrastructural Asia

Toward a geography of infrastructure

Mediterranean in Dis/order

Space, Power, and Identity

Multidisciplinary rethinking of space and power

Putting Federalism in Its Place

The Territorial Politics of Social Policy Revisited

This book proposes a method for understanding the relationship between federalism and public policy in a comparative and institutional perspective

Youth without Representation

The Absence of Young Adults in Parliaments, Cabinets, and Candidacies

Why young people are excluded from office

The Politics of Bad Governance in Contemporary Russia

Human history is in reality a history of corrupt governments

Power / Knowledge / Land

Contested Ontologies of Land and Its Governance in Africa

Explores contested truths surrounding land governance in Africa and beyond