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Feeling the Future at Christian End-Time Performances

How Christian depictions of the End allow spectators to experience—and feel—their place within the future history of humankind

Honor and Personhood in Early Modern Mexico

An examination of the concept of honor as essential to both colonial Spaniards and indigenous Mexicans

From Monastery to Hospital

Christian Monasticism and the Transformation of Health Care in Late Antiquity

Brings to light for the first time the innovative healing practices of monasteries and their role in the development of Western medical tradition

Conflict and Coexistence

Archbishop Rodrigo and the Muslims and Jews of Medieval Spain

Illuminates the career and method of one of thirteenth-century Spain's most important religious, military, and political figures

The Footsteps of Israel

Understanding Jews in Anglo-Saxon England

Illuminates the previously unrecognized role of Jews and Judaism in early English writing and society

The Idea of the Theater in Latin Christian Thought

Augustine to the Fourteenth Century

Reads medieval texts long considered the historical basis for Western drama as part of the Latin Christian intellectual tradition

The Middle East Remembered

Forged Identities, Competing Narratives, Contested Spaces

A meditation on the art of history-writing in the medieval Near East

The Key to The Name of the Rose

Including Translations of All Non-English Passages

Unravels Umberto Eco's classic mystery novel

The Limits of Ancient Christianity

Essays on Late Antique Thought and Culture in Honor of R. A. Markus

Sixteen essays explore the end of ancient Christianity

Rereading the Renaissance

Petrarch, Augustine, and the Language of Humanism

Augustine in Petrarch's humanism

Writing and Renunciation in Medieval Japan

The Works of the Poet-Priest Kamo no Chomei

Challenges the rigid distinction between the religious and literary in medieval Japan

The Tale of Saigyo

A moving portrait of a wandering poet-monk in medieval Japan.

Peregrinations of the Word

An examination of medieval philosophers' approach to the relation of faith and reason

Rethinking Sorrow

Revelatory Tales of Late Medieval Japan

Provides fresh translations and readings of a small, coherent subgroup of short stories that describe how people were inspired to religious commitment

Poetry and the Cult of the Martyrs

The Liber Peristephanon of Prudentius

A beautifully detailed literary study of Prudentius's eulogies of the Christian martyrs

Vision and Violence

Just in time for the millennium—apocalyptic thinking, from ancient Greece to modern political philosophers