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Public Policy

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Putting Federalism in Its Place

The Territorial Politics of Social Policy Revisited

This book proposes a method for understanding the relationship between federalism and public policy in a comparative and institutional perspective

Evading the Patronage Trap

Interest Representation in Mexico

Patronage negatively affects economic opportunity for small farms and businesses

Governing Abroad

Coalition Politics and Foreign Policy in Europe

Brings political parties back to the study of foreign policy

The Three Ages of Government

From the Person, to the Group, to the World

Subjects into citizens—understanding the role of government in democracies

Federalism and Social Policy

Patterns of Redistribution in 11 Democracies

Money and policy reveal the connections between federalism and a strong welfare state

Foreign Policy Advocacy and Entrepreneurship

How a New Generation in Congress Is Shaping U.S. Engagement with the World

Junior foreign policy entrepreneurs in Congress are reshaping the United States’ foreign policy landscape

The Regional Roots of Russia's Political Regime

Insightful analysis of how regional politics shaped the executive branch’s ability to retain power and govern under Yeltsin and Putin

Majoritarian Cities

Policy Making and Inequality in Urban Politics

Popular public policies often fail to address the needs of the disadvantaged in American cities