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Political Theory

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Mass–Elite Representation Gap in Old and New Democracies

Critical Junctures and Elite Agency

What happens when voters and their representatives don’t agree?

Chasing Greatness

On Russia's Discursive Interaction with the West over the Past Millennium

How a millennia idealizing political greatness has affected Russia

How Informal Institutions Matter

Evidence from Turkish Social and Political Spheres

with a foreword by B. Guy Peters

Informal institutions are core to political life

Life, Earth, Colony

Friedrich Ratzel's Necropolitical Geography

A critical exploration of Friedrich Ratzel and the relationship between colonial and fascist necropolitics

Where FDI Goes in Decentralized Authoritarian Countries

The Politics of Taiwanese Site Selection for Investment in Mainland China

Explores the conditional effect of fiscal decentralization on FDI inflows at county level in China and explores whether FDI sourced from adversarial states is more dependent upon local government fiscal autonomy than those sourced from the non-adversarial states

Mediterranean in Dis/order

Space, Power, and Identity

Multidisciplinary rethinking of space and power

Still a Hollow Hope

State Power and the Second Amendment

Federalism still matters

Twisting in the Wind

The Politics of Tepid Transitions to Renewable Energy

Political barriers to clean energy transitions

The United States and International Law

Paradoxes of Support across Contemporary Issues

Why U.S. support for international law is so inconsistent

Bound Together

The Secularization of Turkey’s Literary Fields and the Western Promise of Freedom

Secularization in non-western contexts

Bound Together

The Secularization of Turkey's Literary Fields and the Western Promise of Freedom

Secularization in non-western contexts

The Philosophy of Parochialism

Originally published as Filosofija Palanke

Available for the first time in English—an essay with important insights on the sources of totalitarianism, intolerance, and racism

Physical Space and Spatiality in Muslim Societies

Notes on the Social Production of Cities

The conscious construction of urban space

Concepts at Work

On the Linguistic Infrastructure of World Politics

Interrogating the language that gives meaning to IR theories and practice

A Question of Voice

Philosophy and the Search for Legitimacy

Philosophy in an age of multiculturalism

The Dangerous Class

The Concept of the Lumpenproletariat

The lumpenstate dystopia of the Trump/Brexit era

Shaping the Future of Power

Knowledge Production and Network-Building in China-Africa Relations

Probes the power mechanisms that build, diffuse, and project China’s power in Africa

Climate Change Solutions

Beyond the Capital-Climate Contradiction

Capitalism and climate change solutions are incompatible

Scriptures, Shrines, Scapegoats, and World Politics

Religious Sources of Conflict and Cooperation in the Modern Era

Religion can be a detriment to human security

Formal Modeling in Social Science

How to move from textbook exercises to using formal modeling in real research.

Punishment and Political Order

An incisive, eminently readable study of the evolving relationship between punishment and social order

Concepts of International Relations, for Students and Other Smarties

An engaging and sophisticated new IR text that will inspire a new generation of scholars and practitioners

Beyond the Veil of Knowledge

Triangulating Security, Democracy, and Academic Scholarship

Calls on the academy to rethink constructivism and its interpretations of the sociopolitical world