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International Relations

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The Dynamics of European Integration

Causes and Consequences of Institutional Choices

Examines how certain policy models can work within the context of dissensus and polarization in Europe while still promoting solidarity and trust in the European Union

Chasing Greatness

On Russia's Discursive Interaction with the West over the Past Millennium

How a millennia idealizing political greatness has affected Russia

Communicating the Other across Cultures

From Othering as Equipment for Living, to Communicating Other/Wise

Exposes how we have constructed and marginalized the Other across cultures, and suggests creative global solutions for inclusive multiculturalism

Security. Cooperation. Governance.

The Canada-United States Open Border Paradox

Reveals Canada–US border and security policies vary drastically depending on regional needs

Making Endless War

The Vietnam and Arab-Israeli Conflicts in the History of International Law

How two conflicts have shaped the relationship between law and war since 1945

Book of the Disappeared

The Quest for Transnational Justice

A unique and timely publication, for advocates, academics, and practitioners, providing invaluable insight into the plight of the disappeared

Ghosts in the Neighborhood

Why Japan Is Haunted by Its Past and Germany Is Not

Uneasy neighbors

India as Kingmaker

Status Quo or Revisionist Power

Predicting India’s future global influence

Turkey and the Kurdish Peace Process

Actors, Issues, and Context

The Kurdish peace process represents a major shift in theoretical and practical approaches to peace studies

International Security in a World of Fragile States

Islamic States and Islamist Organizations

Fragile states are laboratories for Islamist terror groups

Power of Freedom

Hu Shih's Political Writings

Collection of several previously unpublished works from one of China’s most important scholars in the 20th century

Power of Freedom

Hu Shih's Political Writings

Collection of several previously unpublished works from one of China’s most important scholars in the 20th century

Complex Rivalry

The Dynamics of India-Pakistan Conflict

A new model to understand the India–Pakistan rivalry

The Passion of International Leadership

How Emotions Shape Transatlantic Cooperation

How policymakers use the power of their convictions to lead in international relations

The United States and International Law

Paradoxes of Support across Contemporary Issues

Why U.S. support for international law is so inconsistent

Isolation and Engagement

Presidential Decision Making on China from Kennedy to Nixon

Personal presidential style profoundly affects China policy, both in and outside the administration

Governing Abroad

Coalition Politics and Foreign Policy in Europe

Brings political parties back to the study of foreign policy

A Study of Crisis

with a new Preface

A comprehensive study of the causes and consequences of war in the twentieth century

Compound Containment

A Reigning Power's Military-Economic Countermeasures against a Challenging Power

Using military and economic measures to contain rising threats in great power relationships

Pride, Not Prejudice

National Identity as a Pacifying Force in East Asia

Nationalism as a path to international peace

Normalization in World Politics

The imposition of normalcy on fragile states and crises and its implications for world politics

Liberalism and Transformation

The Global Politics of Violence and Intervention

The messy history of emancipatory liberalism

The Courteous Power

Japan and Southeast Asia in the Indo-Pacific Era

Examining the pivotal relationship between Japan and Southeast Asia, as it has changed and endured into the Indo-Pacific Era