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Asian Literature

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Minor Salvage

The Korean War and Korean American Life Writings

Explores the forgotten archives and life writings of Korean War refugees

Gendered Power

Educated Women of the Meiji Empress' Court

Examines the contributions of three powerful Meiji women and how their own education and ideas about Japanese women’s potential shaped how females were to participate in modern society

Beyond the Gender Gap in Japan

Gives critical attention to the issue of Japan’s low level of gender equality and the conflicting information from surveys of women reporting a high sense of well-being

The Chinese Postmodern

Trauma and Irony in Chinese Avant-Garde Fiction

An insightful look into contemporary Chinese avant-garde fiction and the problem of Chinese postmodernity

Dumb Luck

A Novel by Vu Trong Phung

This once banned book is the first colonial-era Vietnamese novel to be translated into English and published in the West

Small Well Lane

A Contemporary Chinese Play and Oral History

A compelling story of Mao's revolution through the eyes of a group of working class, back alley Beijing residents