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Asian Literature

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Cosmopolitan Love

Utopian Vision in D. H. Lawrence and Eileen Chang

Analyzes the writing of D. H. Lawrence and Eileen Chang to envision how love crosses cultural boundaries

How Dark Is My Flower

Yosano Akiko and the Invention of Romantic Love

Explores romantic love in modern Japanese literature through the work of the leading poet in the Myōjō circle

The Three Treasures

A Revised and Illustrated Study and Translation of Minamoto no Tamenori's Sanboe

An updated, augmented, and illustrated study and translation of this landmark collection of Buddhist tales

Minor Salvage

The Korean War and Korean American Life Writings

Explores the forgotten archives and life writings of Korean War refugees

Peony Pavilion Onstage

Four Centuries in the Career of a Chinese Drama

One of the few full-length English-language studies of Chinese drama and the only one to focus on the pivotal Kun opera Peony Pavilion

The Journey

Stories by K. C. Das

This exceptional collection of stories explores human emotions and motivations in all their untidiness.

The Tower of Myriad Mirrors

A Supplement to <em>Journey to the West</em>

Mixing slapstick and satire, Monkey’s enlightenment offers a glimpse into late Ming intellectual history

A Guide to Chinese Literature

A comprehensive overview of China's 3,000 years of literary history, from its beginnings to the present day

Gendered Power

Educated Women of the Meiji Empress' Court

Examines the contributions of three powerful Meiji women and how their own education and ideas about Japanese women’s potential shaped how females were to participate in modern society

Beyond the Gender Gap in Japan

Gives critical attention to the issue of Japan’s low level of gender equality and the conflicting information from surveys of women reporting a high sense of well-being

Textures of Mourning

Calligraphy, Mortality, and The Tale of Genji Scrolls

Unfolds the intimate relationship between mourning, writing, reading, painting, and viewing, through The Tale of Genji and its legacy

On the Bullet Train with Emily Brontë

Wuthering Heights in Japan

Reveals how and why Brontë’s novel won a huge following in Japan and has been reimagined by writers and manga artists


Remembering Tanizaki Jun’ichiro and Matsuko

Diary Entries, Interview Notes, and Letters, 1954-1989

An essential companion for Tanizaki scholars and aficionados alike, providing a glimpse of the man from those closest to him

Childhood Years

A Memoir

Set against the modernization of Japan, this memoir offers a moving look at famed novelist Tanizaki' Jun'ichirō’s early years


The Gourmet Club

A Sextet

Six short stories by Tanizaki Jun'ichiro (1886–1965), capturing the breadth of his literary oeuvre

Red Roofs and Other Stories

Four short stories by master storyteller, Tanizaki Jun'ichiro, newly translated into English

The Magellan Fallacy

Globalization and the Emergence of Asian and African Literature in Spanish

Now available in paperback—the award-winning first study of Spanish-language literature of Southeast Asia and West Africa


Environmental Crises and East Asian Literatures

Delving into the complex, contradictory relationships between humans and the environment in Asian literatures

Chinese Dreams

Pound, Brecht, Tel Quel

Explores China's significant impact on the 20th-century European avant-garde

Asian American X

An Intersection of Twenty-First Century Asian American Voices

Original writings address the struggles of young Asian Americans to define their identities while growing up in the United States

Acts of Authority/Acts of Resistance

Theater and Politics in Colonial and Postcolonial India

Explores the relationship between nationalism, colonialism, and the politics of theater in colonial and postcolonial India

The Experience of Modernity

Chinese Autobiography of the Early Twentieth Century

Examines the aftershocks of the Chinese vernacular reform movement as expressed in early twentieth-century autobiography

Banished Immortal

Searching for Shuangqing, China's Peasant Woman Poet

A lyrical account of a decade-long search for the truth about Shuangqing, China's peasant woman poet

The Chinese Postmodern

Trauma and Irony in Chinese Avant-Garde Fiction

An insightful look into contemporary Chinese avant-garde fiction and the problem of Chinese postmodernity