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A Casebook on Roman Water Law

Engaging study of key issues in Roman water regulation from legal and environmental history, both ancient and modern.

The Discovery of the Fact

Lively investigation of the role of legal institutions in shaping notions of fact from classical Greece and Roman, and beyond

Ancient Law, Ancient Society

An engaging look at how ancient Greeks and Romans crafted laws that fit—and, in turn, changed—their worlds


Gardens and Neighbors

Private Water Rights in Roman Italy

The first in-depth study of Roman water rights in Italy

Law and the Rural Economy in the Roman Empire

A bold application of economic theory to help provide an understanding of the role that law played in the development of the Roman economy

The Laws of the Roman People

Public Law in the Expansion and Decline of the Roman Republic

A major contribution to understanding the role of public law-making in the Roman Republic

The Case for the Prosecution in the Ciceronian Era

A reconstruction of the case for the prosecution in the eleven trials in which Cicero delivered an extant defense speech

Speculum Iuris

Roman Law as a Reflection of Social and Economic Life in Antiquity

A multidisciplinary examination of various social, economic, and legal issues in ancient Rome