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Chinese Netizens' Opinions on Death Sentences

An Empirical Examination

Provides the first in-depth examination of what Chinese netizens think about various death sentences and executions in China.

The Truth Machines

Policing, Violence, and Scientific Interrogations in India

Interrogation as a site of state sanctioned torture and violence

Archiving Sovereignty

Law, History, Violence

An account of how courts repeat historical fictions that maintain sources of sovereign power.

Issues and Options for U.S.-Japan Trade Policies

Addresses the central negotiating issues involving the trade policies and relations between the United States and Japan

Individual Dignity in Modern Japanese Thought

The Evolution of the Concept of <em>Jinkaku </em>in Moral and Educational Discourse

Traces the development of jinkaku (moral character) in modern Japanese discourse

Institutions and Investments

Foreign Direct Investment in China during an Era of Reforms

Provides an in-depth look at how China's financial institutions interact with foreign investment

The Network Inside Out

A fascinating study of institutional knowledge practices