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Law and Transaction Costs in the Ancient Economy

A critical element of economic performance from antiquity to the present

Is It Time to Reform Social Security?

The chair of the recent Social Security Advisory Council explains and shares his views on Social Security reform

Governing Fortune

Casino Gambling in America

The first accessible introduction to the American gaming landscape

In Defense of Monopoly

How Market Power Fosters Creative Production

A provocative defense of market dominance

Governing Fortune

Casino Gambling in America

The first accessible introduction to the American gaming landscape

Law and the Rural Economy in the Roman Empire

A bold application of economic theory to help provide an understanding of the role that law played in the development of the Roman economy

After the End of History

The Curious Fate of American Materialism

1st Edition

A creative presentation of Lane's career research as an ongoing conversation between two fictitious social scientists with opposing views

Readings in Public Choice Economics

The first classroom book for undergraduate courses in public choice analysis, covering both political economy and social choice issues

Democracy, Governance, and Growth

Demonstrates the importance of governance and social institutions to economic performance

Intellectual Property

Trade, Competition, and Sustainable Development The World Trade Forum, Volume 3

Focuses on the WTO and intellectual property rights in international law

Issues and Options for U.S.-Japan Trade Policies

Addresses the central negotiating issues involving the trade policies and relations between the United States and Japan

Speculum Iuris

Roman Law as a Reflection of Social and Economic Life in Antiquity

A multidisciplinary examination of various social, economic, and legal issues in ancient Rome

Institutions and Investments

Foreign Direct Investment in China during an Era of Reforms

Provides an in-depth look at how China's financial institutions interact with foreign investment

Regulatory Barriers and the Principle of Non-discrimination in World Trade Law

Past, Present, and Future

The second volume in the World Trade Forum annual focuses on regulatory barriers to trade and the principle of nondiscrimination

Strategy or Principle?

The Choice Between Regulation and Taxation

Should governments use regulations to force private parties to provide public goods or should taxes support the direct provision of public services?

Titles, Conflict, and Land Use

The Development of Property Rights and Land Reform on the Brazilian Amazon Frontier

Describes conflicts over land use on the Brazilian frontier and analyzes the evolution of property rights from an institutional perspective

Comparative Law and Economics

The book links the study of comparative law with the study of law and economics

State Trading in the Twenty-First Century

The World Trade Forum, Volume 1

The first volume in the World Trade Forum annual examines trade liberalization and property ownership

Investment, Profit, and Tenancy

The Jurists and the Roman Agrarian Economy

Considers the agricultural underpinnings of the ancient Roman economy

Rules of Origin in International Trade

A Comparative Study

Thorough examination of the question of importance and controversy in trade between nations

Antidumping Law and Practice

A Comparative Study

Scholars, economists, lawyers, and government officials debate American trade policy