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Before Before

A Story of Discovery and Loss in Sierra Leone

Reflecting on how building connections with others is necessary for humanity’s survival

When Charlie Met Joan

The Tragedy of the Chaplin Trials and the Failings of American Law

Exploring the lasting impacts of the Little Tramp’s real-life courtroom drama

Legal Stories

Narrative-Based Property Development in the Modern Copyright Era

How copyright law and the practice of narrative-based property development influenced each other before 1978

The "Getting to Yes" Guide for ESL Students and Professionals

Principled Negotiation for Non-Native Speakers of English

Guiding non-native speakers of English through the international bestseller’s four-step negotiation method

Biblical Judgments

New Legal Readings in the Hebrew Bible

Analyzes the classical stories of the Hebrew Bible through the lens of modern law

Presidential Accountability in Wartime

President Bush, the Treatment of Detainees, and the Laws of War

Examines how and why holding US presidents accountable for war crimes is an obligatory but impossible task in the American constitutional system

The Fourth Amendment

Original Understandings and Modern Policing

Untangling how the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments have influenced U.S. policing

Making Endless War

The Vietnam and Arab-Israeli Conflicts in the History of International Law

How two conflicts have shaped the relationship between law and war since 1945

Rock This Way

Cultural Constructions of Musical Legitimacy

What remixes, covers, mash-ups, and parodies say about the perceived legitimacy of music making

Courting Failure

How Competition for Big Cases Is Corrupting the Bankruptcy Courts

By Lynn LoPucki
Subjects: Law

An eye-opening account of the widespread and systematic decay of America's bankruptcy courts

The Limits to Union

Same-Sex Marriage and the Politics of Civil Rights

Offers a case study of the same-sex marriage debate in Hawaii to discuss wider questions of political import

Strangers to the Law

Gay People on Trial

Describes the legal challenge to the Colorado anti-gay civil rights initiative

Baby Ninth Amendments

How Americans Embraced Unenumerated Rights and Why It Matters

How states have adapted and used "Baby Ninth" Amendments to protect individual liberties

While Waiting for Rain

Community, Economy, and Law in a Time of Change

How innovation will save the United States—and Buffalo—from economic decline

Peace, Preference, and Property

Return Migration after Violent Conflict

A bottom-up analysis of what displaced people need rather than what states want

The United States and International Law

Paradoxes of Support across Contemporary Issues

Why U.S. support for international law is so inconsistent

Owning Performance | Performing Ownership

Literary Property and the Eighteenth-Century British Stage

How playwrights, actors, and theater managers vied for control over the performance of popular plays after the passage of England’s first copyright law

Chinese Netizens' Opinions on Death Sentences

An Empirical Examination

Provides the first in-depth examination of what Chinese netizens think about various death sentences and executions in China.

The Art of Getting More Back in Diplomacy

Negotiation Lessons from North Korea, China, Libya, and the United Nations

Why boardroom diplomacy fails

Lawyers Beyond Borders

Advancing International Human Rights Through Local Laws and Courts

How American human rights lawyers fight for justice in U.S. Courts for international victims of violence

Remoteness Reconsidered

The Atacama Desert and International Law

When the margin IS the center, perspectives shift

Democracy and Deliberation

The Law and Politics of Sex Offender Legislation

Balancing law and rights in sex offender legislation

More Secure, Less Free?

Antiterrorism Policy and Civil Liberties after September 11

By Mark Sidel
Subjects: Law

The first comprehensive analysis of the full range of antiterror initiatives undertaken in the United States after the 2001 terrorist attacks

A Casebook on Roman Water Law

Engaging study of key issues in Roman water regulation from legal and environmental history, both ancient and modern.