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Gender Studies

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Queer Chimerica

A Speculative Auto/Ethnography of the Cool Child

Examining the intersections of queer theory and the rise of China to reveal how queerness is “produced”

Bodies on the Front Lines

Performance, Gender, and Sexuality in Latin America and the Caribbean

Performances as feminist, queer, and trans activism, from theater and flash mobs to street protests and online manifestos

Greasepaint Puritan

Boston to 42nd Street in the Queer Backstage Novels of Bradford Ropes

Recovers the life and art of Bradford Ropes, author of 42nd Street and chronicler of gay lives in early show business

Rape at the Opera

Staging Sexual Violence

How opera practitioners represent sexual violence on today’s opera stages

Walking the Gendered Tightrope

Theresa May and Nancy Pelosi as Legislative Leaders

Examines how women in higher office must balance feminine stereotypes with exercising their power

Lady Dicks and Lesbian Brothers

Staging the Unimaginable at the WOW Café Theatre

Parody, cross-dressing, zany comedy, and unbridled eroticism at a women's theater space in the East Village

The Limits to Union

Same-Sex Marriage and the Politics of Civil Rights

Offers a case study of the same-sex marriage debate in Hawaii to discuss wider questions of political import

Policy Issues Affecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Families

A comprehensive account of the discrimination that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender families confront and a look at how policy changes could make them more secure

Gender in Play on the Shakespearean Stage

Boy Heroines and Female Pages

Cross-dressing in Shakespeare: a context for Elizabethan gender studies

Freudian Slips

Woman, Writing, the Foreign Tongue

A feminist critic provides the first book-length literary exploration of Freud's classic study, The Psychopathology of Everyday Life.

Queer Livability

German Sexual Sciences and Life Writing

Reveals how queer and trans life writers use narrative strategies to create the possibility for a livable queer life

Working Time

Essays on Poetry, Culture, and Travel

Essays that explore literature, art, and contemporary culture and their connections to time and place

Marginal People in Deviant Places

Ethnography, Difference, and the Challenge to Scientific Racism

How twentieth-century ethnographers captured the diverse social worlds of outsiders

Winged Words

The Life and Work of the Poet H.D.

A fresh look at the life and work of modernist poet H.D.

Winged Words

The Life and Work of Poet H.D.

A fresh look at the life and work of modernist poet H.D.

What Women Want

Gender and Voting in Britain, Japan and the United States

Women vote their own minds


A History

Traces the history and development of a previously little-known fan practice

The Spiral of Memory


Intimate, illuminating conversations with one of the most important voices in contemporary American poetry

Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Plays by Women

The Early Twenty-First Century

Explores how women playwrights illuminate the contemporary world and contribute to its reshaping

Waiting for Cancer to Come

Women's Experiences with Genetic Testing and Medical Decision Making for Breast and Ovarian Cancer

A narrative-driven exploration of the effects of BRCA genetic testing on the lives of at-risk women


The Politics of Puerto Rican Drag and Trans Performance

Argues for the political potential of drag and trans performance in Puerto Rico and its diaspora

Liberating Economics, Second Edition

Feminist Perspectives on Families, Work, and Globalization

2nd Edition

Creating Gender Equality from the Ashes of Neoliberalism

Marking Modern Movement

Dance and Gender in the Visual Imagery of the Weimar Republic

The dynamics between gender and body in Weimar Germany explored through images and case studies