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Fourth Revolution and the Bottom Four Billion

Making Technologies Work for the Poor

Advanced technology for the Bottom Four Billion

Principles of Corporate Renewal

3rd Edition

A comprehensive approach to renewing troubled companies

A Casebook on Corporate Renewal

2nd Edition

A helpful tool for business students studying turnaround management and corporate renewal

A Study of Crisis

with a new Preface

A comprehensive study of the causes and consequences of war in the twentieth century

Aid Imperium

United States Foreign Policy and Human Rights in Post-Cold War Southeast Asia

How US foreign policy affects state repression

Governing and Ruling

The Political Logic of Taxation in China

Studies how the Chinese Communist Party uses and reforms its taxation institution to promote economic growth and governance quality while limits the emerging capitalists' political demand

Bankruptcy and Debt Collection in Liberal Capitalism

Switzerland, 1800–1900

Debt as a social relation at the intersection of history and anthropology in the precarious economies of nineteenth-century liberalism

Liberating Economics, Second Edition

Feminist Perspectives on Families, Work, and Globalization

2nd Edition

Creating Gender Equality from the Ashes of Neoliberalism

The Dangerous Class

The Concept of the Lumpenproletariat

The lumpenstate dystopia of the Trump/Brexit era

Nourish the People

The State Civilian Granary System in China, 1650–1850

An exhaustive analysis of the Chinese state civilian granary system by a team of scholars

Economic Exchange and Social Interaction in Southeast Asia

Perspectives from Prehistory, History, and Ethnography

Uncovers patterns of social interaction made visible through scenarios of economic exchange

A History of Japan’s Government-Business Relationship

The Passenger Car Industry

Examines the interactions between Japan's government and passenger car industry as it traces the development of the industry from its origins in the early 1900s.

Automobiles and the Future

Competition, Cooperation, and Change

Proceedings from the third U.S.-Japan Automotive Conference, 1983

Industry at the Crossroads

Proceedings from the second U.S.-Japan Automotive Conference, 1982

The Japanese Automotive Industry

Model and Challenge for the Future?

Proceedings from the first U.S.-Japan Automotive Conference, 1981

Textile Ascendancies

Aesthetics, Production, and Trade in Northern Nigeria

The authors examine handwoven and manufactured textiles, aesthetic preferences as well as textile production, and trade in northern Nigeria

The Political Influence of Business in the European Union

Counters the notion that business interests control EU policy by showing how information controls lobbying

Greening China

Trade and foreign direct investment can have a positive effect on the environment

Investing in the Homeland

Migration, Social Ties, and Foreign Firms

Diaspora-affiliated firms that invest in the homeland are more successful than other foreign firms, but are equally socially irresponsible.


How the Clinton Administration Completed the Reagan Revolution

Illuminates recent national economic policy and warns against the single-minded commitment to balance the federal budget. The paperback edition features a new preface and afterword

Getting Rich in Late Antique Egypt

A nuanced examination that illuminates the Apion estate’s economic structure and addresses how the family was able to generate such wealth

Honor Among Thieves

Craftsmen, Merchants, and Associations in Roman and Late Roman Egypt

A consideration of transaction costs and associations in the ancient world