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Cultural Studies

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Performing Queer Latinidad

Dance, Sexuality, Politics

The place of performance in unifying an urban LGBT population of diverse Latin American descent

Acts of Gaiety

LGBT Performance and the Politics of Pleasure

The importance of pleasure, humor, and frivolity in shaping LGBT lives and activism

The Gay and Lesbian Theatrical Legacy

A Biographical Dictionary of Major Figures in American Stage History in the Pre-Stonewall Era

Recovers the hidden history of theater professionals who transgressed the gendered expectations of their time

Margaret Webster

A Life in the Theater

A sweeping drama of the life and times of one of America's most innovative woman directors

A Queer Sort of Materialism

Recontextualizing American Theater

An eclectic collection of essays on theater and its decline as highbrow culture, under the influence of theme parks and blockbuster movies

A Problem like Maria

Gender and Sexuality in the American Musical

The Broadway tomboys, rebel nuns, and funny girls, who upset the 1950s gender norms: Mary Martin, Ethel Merman, Julie Andrews, and Barbra Streisand


Queer Aesthetics and the Performing Subject--A Reader

The complete guide to camp; an anthology of the best writing on its history and current theory in cultural studies and lesbian and gay studies

Passing Performances

Queer Readings of Leading Players in American Theater History

Recovers the hidden history of theater professionals who transgressed gendered expectations of their time

Tony Kushner in Conversation

The premier American playwright of this decade speaks out about art, sexuality, and social justice