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Cultural Studies

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Strange Science

Investigating the Limits of Knowledge in the Victorian Age

A fascinating look at scientific inquiry during the Victorian period and the shifting boundary between mainstream and unorthodox sciences of the time

The DNA Mystique

The Gene as a Cultural Icon

Explores the values, assumptions, and consequences of the circulation of DNA in popular culture

Mapping Michel Serres

International scholars shed new light on the work of renowned French philosopher Michel Serres

Power and Knowledge

Astrology, Physiognomics, and Medicine under the Roman Empire

Offers insight into the relationship between knowledge and power in ancient times--and science and politics in our own

The Knowable and the Unknowable

Modern Science, Nonclassical Thought, and the "Two Cultures"

A welcome intervention in the science vs. humanities debate

Dripping Dry

Literature, Politics and Water in the Desert Southwest

Explores the convergences of U.S. water policy and the literature of the American West

Embodying Technesis

Technology beyond Writing

Presents a radical revision of our understanding of the technological

Of Two Minds

Hypertext Pedagogy and Poetics

An acclaimed hypertext novelist's reflections on art and technology, nonlinearity, and the creative process

The Artificial Paradise

Science Fiction and American Reality

Why do Americans find it appealing to create and live in artificial worlds--whether in space, at Disneyland, in computer networks, or in our own minds?