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Cultural Studies

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Kafka's Zoopoetics

Beyond the Human-Animal Barrier

Traces the dissolution of the boundary between human and other animals in the work of Franz Kafka and, in doing so, radically revisits interspecies relations

New York-Paris

Whitman, Baudelaire, and the Hybrid City

A comparison of the mid-19th-century city in the poetry of Walt Whitman and Charles Baudelaire and their responses to the inescapable push of modernization

The Culture of the Body

Genealogies of Modernity

A cultural history of the evolution of the modern body, as glimpsed at six critical moments

Artaud and His Doubles

A radical re-thinking of one of the most canonized figures in theater history, theory, and practice

Mapping Michel Serres

International scholars shed new light on the work of renowned French philosopher Michel Serres

The Cat and the Human Imagination

Feline Images from Bast to Garfield

An intelligent, amusing, and affectionate look at cats in history, literature, and art

Reading Relationally

Postmodern Perspectives on Literature and Art

How reading literature through the lens of visual art sheds new light on the accomplishments of modernist and postmodernist writers

An Utterly Dark Spot

Gaze and Body in Early Modern Philosophy

Two concepts of special interest to contemporary theorists--the gaze and the body--approached in a fresh and fascinating way

The Imperialist Imagination

German Colonialism and Its Legacy

The first anthology of essays to address colonial and postcolonial issues in German history, culture, and literature

The Subject and Other Subjects

On Ethical, Aesthetic, and Political Identity

Advances a new theory on the nature of subjectivity and notions of identity

Rosa Bonheur

The Artist's (Auto)biography

The intimate biography of French painter Rosa Bonheur by her companion Anna Klumpke

Poetics of Relation

A major work by this prominent Caribbean author and philosopher, available for the first time in English

Dehexing Sex

Russian Womanhood During and After Glasnost

A look at women's changing roles and images in the emerging new Russian society