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Cultural Studies

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Narrative Podcasting in an Age of Obsession

Evaluating the rise of podcasting and the storytelling trends that emerged

After Disruption

A Future for Cultural Memory

How we plan for and develop a more just, sustainable, and healthy future for memory infrastructure

Sensing Health

Bodies, Data, and Digital Health Technologies

An exploration of the experience of “health” in the age of the smart watch


Legacy of the Real-Time Strategy

One game’s influence on the rise of e-sports and video game strategy

Mortal Kombat

Games of Death

An introduction to one of the world's most iconic fighting games

Communicative Biocapitalism

The Voice of the Patient in Digital Health and the Health Humanities

Scrutinizes dominant models of health and ability, race, and gender and the structure of digital health

Smartland Korea

Mobile Communication, Culture, and Society

An engaging and comprehensive look at the Korean smartphone industry and culture

Star Worlds

Freedom Versus Control in Online Gameworlds

A ground-breaking look at the paradox of technology to both liberate and enslave our current culture by noted scholar William Sims Bainbridge


Geometries of Play

Enumerates and analyzes Tempest’s landmark qualities—from aesthetics and development to its impact on video game history and culture

Digital Rhetoric

Theory, Method, Practice

A survey of a range of disciplines whose practitioners are venturing into the new field of digital rhetoric, examining the history of the ways digital and networked technologies inhabit and shape traditional rhetorical practices as well as considering new rhetorics made possible by current technologies

Imagining the Global

Transnational Media and Popular Culture Beyond East and West

A focused multisited cultural analysis that reflects on the symbiotic relationship between the local, the national, and the global

Making News at The New York Times

An ethnographic study of The New York Times’ business desk provides a unique vantage point to see the future for news in the digital age

Writing History in the Digital Age

A born-digital project that asks how recent technologies have changed the ways that historians think, teach, author, and publish

Hacking the Academy

New Approaches to Scholarship and Teaching from Digital Humanities

An exploration of ongoing efforts to rebuild scholarly infrastructure

Are We There Yet?

Virtual Travel and Victorian Realism

An unusual approach to the Victorian phenomenon of virtual travel and realism through the lens of contemporary conceptualizations of media and its effects

Silent Hill

The Terror Engine

The second entry in the Landmark Video Games series

Digital Tools in Urban Schools

Mediating a Remix of Learning

Digital media in the classroom for both teachers and students

Myst and Riven

The World of the D'ni

The inaugural title in the Landmark Video Games series

The New Woman International

Representations in Photography and Film from the 1870s through the 1960s

An international picture of New Woman in film and photography

Digital Rubbish

A Natural History of Electronics

Exploring the materiality of digital devices through electronic waste

Home Truths?

Video Production and Domestic Life

An academic approach to the popular use of video production technology

The American Literature Scholar in the Digital Age

Essays reflecting on the development of the first wave of digital American literature scholarship

When Media Are New

Understanding the Dynamics of New Media Adoption and Use

An in-depth study of the fascinating relationship between new media and everyday life

Poetry's Afterlife

Verse in the Digital Age

Poetry lives on in the digital age

Media, Technology, and Society

Theories of Media Evolution

Top media studies scholars discuss the evolution of media