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Cultural Studies

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White Rebels in Black

German Appropriation of Black Popular Culture

Investigates the appropriation of black popular culture as a symbol of rebellion in postwar Germany

The British Blues Network

Adoption, Emulation, and Creativity

An exciting new examination of how African-American blues music was emulated and used by white British musicians in the late 1950s and early 1960s


Rhymin' and Stealin'

Musical Borrowing in Hip-Hop

The first book-length study of one of the most essential elements of hip-hop: musical borrowing

The Magellan Fallacy

Globalization and the Emergence of Asian and African Literature in Spanish

Now available in paperback—the award-winning first study of Spanish-language literature of Southeast Asia and West Africa

Four Jazz Lives

A revival of a classic oral biography of four nearly overlooked jazz giants

Race, Liberalism, and Economics

Explores how economic reasoning relates to the broader concepts of liberalism and racism

Parodies of Ownership

Hip-Hop Aesthetics and Intellectual Property Law

An intriguing interdisciplinary examination of hip hop aesthetics

Avant-Garde Performance and the Limits of Criticism

Approaching the Living Theatre, Happenings/Fluxus, and the Black Arts Movement

Explores the dynamic interactions of performance, politics, and literary criticism in three U.S countercultures in the 1950s and 60s

Harlem Calling

The Collected Stories of George Wylie Henderson

The collected stories of George Wylie Henderson, an Alabama writer of the Harlem Renaissance


The Quintessence of American Popular Music

The much-anticipated paperback edition of Arthur Kempton's story on the art, influence, and commerce of Black American popular music

One Nation Under A Groove

Motown and American Culture

How Motown changed the landscape of American popular culture

Dancing Histories

Heuristic Ethnography with the Ohafia Igbo

Outlines a method for incorporating indigenous knowledge into anthropological work as a source of theoretical alternatives

Whispered Consolations

Law and Narrative in African American Life

Explores the relationship between African American literature and American law