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Cultural Studies

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Pleasure Grounds of Death

The Rural Cemetery in Nineteenth-Century America

Revealing how landscapes dedicated to the perpetual care of the dead mirrored the transformations and conflicts of the nineteenth century in American society

Singing the Land

Hebrew Music and Early Zionism in America

How song shaped American Zionism

Sounding Dissent

Rebel Songs, Resistance, and Irish Republicanism

In Belfast’s rebel music scene, Irish republican musicians and audiences engage in ritualized resistance against the British state

The Resonance of Unseen Things

Poetics, Power, Captivity, and UFOs in the American Uncanny

An interdisciplinary study of how conspiracy theories and stories persist and resonate among different Americans

Cultural Struggles

Performance, Ethnography, Praxis

Gathers the essential essays of Dwight Conquergood, performance studies scholar, ethnographer, and activist

Visualizing Secularism and Religion

Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, India

An investigation of the role of religion in the formation of secular-national public spheres in the Middle East and South Asia

My Life as a Night Elf Priest

An Anthropological Account of World of Warcraft

An anthropologist's analysis of one of the world's most popular online world games