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Cultural Studies

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In Search of Admiration and Respect

Chinese Cultural Diplomacy in the United States, 1875–1974

Reframes China's cultural diplomacy by using the emergence of the China Institute in America and the Chinese Nationalist government

Performance, Transparency, and the Cultures of Surveillance

Examines the pervasive presence of surveillance and how surveillance technologies alter the performance of everyday life

Body Parts of Empire

Visual Abjection, Filipino Images, and the American Archive

A cross-disciplinary reading of American popular culture at a time of U.S. imperialism and the occupation of the Philippine Islands.

Discipline and Desire

Surveillance Technologies in Performance

Focuses on how contemporary artists have responded to the ubiquitous presence of surveillance technologies in our daily lives

Aesthetics of Discomfort

Conversations on Disquieting Art

Describes and defends the centrality of discomfort for consumers of various arts—literature, architecture, visual art, music, dance, and cinema

Utopia Toolbox

An incitement to radical creativity

An intriguing art & design manual that explores the social space between practitioners and their work

Dean Worcester's Fantasy Islands

Photography, Film, and the Colonial Philippines

A biography of the man whose photographic activities had a profound influence on the way that Americans perceived the Philippines throughout the twentieth century

Nothing Happened

Charlotte Salomon and an Archive of Suicide

A close look at Charlotte Salomon's fantastical autobiography Life? or Theater? and the way that German social history has omitted the stories of German Jewish women and suicide

The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit

A guide to the emergence of alternative urban cultures in the wake of Detroit's economic decline

American Newspaper Comics

An Encyclopedic Reference Guide

The most comprehensive guide to U.S. newspaper comics ever published

Architecture and Modern Literature

Exploring the related cultural forms of architecture and literature in the modern era

Baroque Horrors

Roots of the Fantastic in the Age of Curiosities

Exploring the historical roots of horror in the modern age

The New Woman International

Representations in Photography and Film from the 1870s through the 1960s

An international picture of New Woman in film and photography

Illuminating Childhood

Portraits in Fiction, Film, and Drama

Experiencing the phases of childhood through art

Artaud and His Doubles

A radical re-thinking of one of the most canonized figures in theater history, theory, and practice

Building Romanticism

Literature and Architecture in Nineteenth-Century Britain

A study of the importance of architecture in Romanticism

Disability Aesthetics

Explores the rich but hidden role that disability plays in modern art and in aesthetic judgments

Women and War

An unflinching twenty-year portrait-diary of women's lives in war zones

Beyond the Boundaries

American Alternative Theatre

An update of this popular history of experimental American theater

Reading Relationally

Postmodern Perspectives on Literature and Art

How reading literature through the lens of visual art sheds new light on the accomplishments of modernist and postmodernist writers

Shifting Memories

The Nazi Past in the New Germany

A long look at how contemporary Germany is remembering the Holocaust

The Body Aesthetic

From Fine Art to Body Modification

Establishes the body's undeniable presence and strangeness as the material out of which human beings are made

Rosa Bonheur

The Artist's (Auto)biography

The intimate biography of French painter Rosa Bonheur by her companion Anna Klumpke