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Cultural Studies

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Pleasure Grounds of Death

The Rural Cemetery in Nineteenth-Century America

Revealing how landscapes dedicated to the perpetual care of the dead mirrored the transformations and conflicts of the nineteenth century in American society

Fourth Revolution and the Bottom Four Billion

Making Technologies Work for the Poor

Advanced technology for the Bottom Four Billion

The Half-Life of Deindustrialization

Working-Class Writing about Economic Restructuring

Examines how contemporary American working- class literature reveals the long- term effects of deindustrialization on individuals and communities

How the Workers Became Muslims

Immigration, Culture, and Hegemonic Transformation in Europe

An exploration of immigration, and how European far right groups attract seemingly left populations by emphasizing culture over economics

The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit

A guide to the emergence of alternative urban cultures in the wake of Detroit's economic decline

Michael Moore

Filmmaker, Newsmaker, Cultural Icon

Indispensable perspectives on America's top documentary filmmaker and political commentator

The Stamp of Class

Reflections on Poetry and Social Class

Thoughtfully investigates the important yet little-heralded topic of the effect of class on the poet's life and work

The Future of Class in History

What's Left of the Social?

In the struggle between "social" and "cultural" thinking, the refusal to choose sides can be a radical and vital move

Class, Critics, and Shakespeare

Bottom Lines on the Culture Wars

A challenging critique of academic culture and its blindspots


Lower Income Women Tell of Their Lives and Struggles

Buss has compiled the stories of 10 lower-income women, told in their own words