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Cultural Studies

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Cinema Ann Arbor

How Campus Rebels Forged a Singular Film Culture

A fascinating journey into the DIY spirit of a highly influential film community

Science Fiction in Argentina

Technologies of the Text in a Material Multiverse

An exploration of science fiction literature, cinema, theater, and comics from Argentina over the last 140 years.

In Permanent Crisis

Ethnicity in Contemporary European Media and Cinema

Dissects the ways filmmakers frame ethnic and racial Otherness in Europe as adornments of catastrophe

Religion and Spanish Film

Luis Buñuel, the Franco Era, and Contemporary Directors

How Spanish directors have handled religious themes, with their highly-charged political implications, from the historical avant-garde to 2010

Identity, Place, and Subversion in Contemporary Mizrahi Cinema in Israel

A comprehensive examination of Mizrahi film and its relationship to the formulation of Mizrahi ethnic identity in contemporary Israeli cinema

Culture in the Anteroom

The Legacies of Siegfried Kracauer

An interdisciplinary approach to Kracauer's body of work

Michael Moore

Filmmaker, Newsmaker, Cultural Icon

Indispensable perspectives on America's top documentary filmmaker and political commentator

Projecting History

German Nonfiction Cinema, 1967-2000

The intersection between social, historical, and political developments in Germany and the emergence of a nonfiction mode of film production

That Was the Wild East

Film Culture, Unification, and the "New" Germany

An illuminating exploration of the cultural politics of the East-West unification and its subsequent impact upon German filmmaking

Brian Friel in Conversation

Reflections by the author of Dancing at Lughnasa on Irish writers, the theater, nationalism, Catholicism, and his childhood

The Animal Within

Masculinity and the Gothic

Explores notions of masculinity in Gothic film and fiction